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Other... The Unreal Engine Wiki has been discontinued; it was based on Unreal Engine 3.3 (a source-compatible version of Unreal Engine 4), and is no longer available. See the list of pages that use unsupported features in Unreal Engine 4.20 to see if any are still relevant. Related pages: SB3Utility Sb3utility Characters in Unreal Engine 4.20 Game data sharing See also Game data sharing References Category:Unreal EngineMultinational, multicultural Australian Army photo of troops marching past a statue of Queen Victoria This photo of troops marching past a statue of Queen Victoria, of the Australia Imperial Force (AIF), was taken during an official parade in Melbourne, Australia, on 26 April 1919. The photo depicts troops of the 17th Infantry Battalion (AIF), Australia, on the march past a statue of Queen Victoria, who had died in January 1901. The 17th Infantry Battalion (AIF), of the 1st Military District, had been a part of the Australian Imperial Force (AIF) since its raising on 25 October 1914, as a unit of the 3rd Australian Division. However, it was not committed to fighting in the First World War until February 1916 when it went into the front line at the Battle of Fromelles. The battalion took part in the fighting at Pozières, Mouquet Farm, Bullecourt, Ypres and Amiens and it suffered heavy casualties. The battalion was relieved on 31 May 1916 and then took part in the following operations: Battle of Passchendaele, Battle of Polygon Wood, Somme Battle, Battle of Pozières, and the Battle of Bullecourt. The 17th Infantry Battalion remained in France throughout 1917 and part of 1918. In January 1919, it took part in the following actions: Battle of Derna, Syria; Battle of Jerusalem; and the Ad hoc Corps in Palestine. In October 1919, it returned to Australia, where it was demobilised on 1 April 1920 at Kingaroy. The Australian War Memorial (AWM) does not have the copyright for this image. This photo of troops marching past a statue of Queen Victoria is protected by copyright, and may be used for educational and scholarly purposes only. Any other use of the photo, including publication, must be authorised by the AWM.Q: how to get the time with PHP I be359ba680

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