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 . . well, I'm a huge fan of Akshay Kumar and this one has none of his usual aura of arrogance and machismo. Also, it's a bit like a cross between Salman Khan's Karan Arjun and Vinod Khanna's Haseena Mandola in Hum Saath Saath Hain where the evil role is turned on its head and is not played by Salman Khan's hero who is supposed to be bad! But it's a fun, action film. Fastest Indian: Ojaswi and Arjun versus the Olympic gold-winning team - Review: In a lighter vein, Arjun and Ojaswi go to Brazil and show the Indian rowing team a thing or two about speed, agility and timing. My Note: Since when were there gold medals for rowing? When the Son of Ganesha and Goddess Saraswati Get Lost: Akshay Kumar versus... Oh God, what are they doing now? Review: The two have gone on a painful quest to find their lost child. Which sounds good. They go to all the spots where human beings are known to vanish. They try finding clues. And finally, they try believing in alchemy. A Little Problem: Akshay Kumar in a rare dramatic role is the detective who goes on a quest to find his kidnapped friend. But he keeps blabbering to everyone and wasting time. Review: It's like Arjun is teaming up with his friend in Ayushman, to make Akshay Kumar a better actor. In this one, Akshay is in the driver's seat as the guy who finds his way through tough situations. Akshay Kumar's Brief Encounter with Tension: Akshay Kumar tries to find a missing girl in this crime thriller. But he is not doing well in understanding that a girl goes missing only when her family is happy with the man she is dating. Review: One of the more serious works by Akshay Kumar, this film has him back in a serious role of a cop. And he gives a stellar performance in it. He is excellent. Blind Spot: Akshay Kumar confronts a blind man (his friend) who is under the impression that a girl Akshay is dating is cheating on him. Review: Well, I've got two problems with this film. One, Akshay Kumar who is all set to prove a point to B

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